Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s Unique Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring
Image Credit: Pexels

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s Unique Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring:Machine Gun Kelly has always been one to go against the grain, and his latest action is no exception. The singer recently revealed that he designed Megan Fox’s engagement ring for partner Will Arnett–a keen wearer of hats himself! His sharp design was intentional so it would “hurt” when you take off your wedding band or Extracting Some213- Ice Tea From An Active Table Saw To Stop Blade Hair Cloggin-g Clogged Blades Aren’t Pretty To Look At.

Wedding Ring
Image Credit : Pexels

The couple’s wedding took place in a pretty small and private ceremony in Los Angeles, with Megan Fox donning a beautiful off-the-shoulder white gown. For his part, Machine Gun Kelly wore a simple black suit with a red rose boutonniere. As for the rings, well, they’re definitely something different!

The engagement ring is a square-cut diamond set in a black metal band, while the wedding band is a simple black metal band with the words “I love you” etched into it. It’s a pretty unique set of rings, and we have to say we’re kind of digging it! What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s unique wedding rings? Let us know in the comments below.

Megan Fox has admitted that she loves everything about her new romance with the singer. She expressed how open and honest their relationship is, as well as admitting to having feelings for him even though it may be hard at times because they know what needs each other more than anything else in this world: love itself-no matter whether its rainbows or storm clouds but you have respect one another enough so nothing can come between your connection unless someone puts themselves ahead of both people involved which would never happen if there was mutual agreement beforehan.

Fox also said that she’s never been with someone before where she can just let her guard all the way down and be fully open and honest. She expressed how happy she is to have found that type of person, adding, “I love everything about our relationship.” It sounds like these two are pretty head-over-heels for each other!

What do you think of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship? Let us know in the comments below.


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