Farah Karimaee Biography 2022, Age, Net Worth And More

Farah Karimaee
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Farah Karimaee Biography 2022 Age, Net Worth And More

Farah Karimaee is a renowned Iranian actress and director. She has appeared in more than 100 films, TV series and theater plays. Farah was born on 13 July 1993, in Tehran, Iran. Her family moved to the United States when she was eight years old and settled in Hollywood where her father continued his work as an actor and director.


Farah Karimaee’s first major role was playing the title character of “Zehra” in “Zehra: A Girl of Yesterday,” which premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2000 (Director: Mohsen Abdolvahhab). In 2007 she became best known for her performance as Shireen Jafargholi’s mother in the film “Shirin.” For her role in this film, she received a nomination for the 2008 London Film Festival’s Shooting Stars Award, which honors the best upcoming actors and actresses in the world. Farah was also honored with a Screen International Star of Tomorrow award at this festival that same year.


Farah Karimaee has worked with many respected names including Robert Redford, Andy Garcia, Sam Riley, and Tara Fitzgerald. In 2013, she appeared in David Gordon Green’s film “Prince Avalanche,” which was presented at the Sundance Film Festival.


In April 2014, her short film “Powder” had its debut at Tribeca Film Festival, where it won Runner Up for Best Narrative Short. Farah served as a drama therapist at a juvenile detention center between 1994 and 2003.


She is also a painter whose works have been presented at galleries in London, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Farah lives in California where she continues her acting career.

Full name Farah Karimaee
Nickname Farah
Date of Birth 13-Jul-1993
Age 29 Years 
Home Town Zuid, Netherlands
Profession Actress, Model
Boyfriend/ Affairs Rahul J3SU Thomas
Religion & Ethnicity Islam, Dutch
Zodiac sign Cancer



You can follow Farah Karimaee on Twitter @Farah_Karimaee


1. How did you become an actress?


I was eight years old when my family moved to the United States and settled in Hollywood where my father continued his work as an actor and director. I was very lucky that by the age of twelve, I had already started playing roles on TV shows and movies.



2. What was your first major role?


My first major role was playing the title character of Zehra in “Zehra: A Girl of Yesterday” which premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2000 (Director: Mohsen Abdolvahhab)… and I think I’ve been hooked ever since.



3. What was it like to work with Robert Redford in the movie Salt?


Farah Karimaee working with Robert Redford is always a good experience. He is a very interesting and smart person, and at the same time fun to be around.



4. You have been involved in many international projects, do you think there’s a difference in acting in Iran vs. Hollywood? How has your life changed since you moved to the United States?


Yes, I’ve worked on many international projects like “Prince Avalanche,” directed by David Gordon Green and starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. Also, there is a difference between working in Iran and Hollywood because of the different cultures. In addition to that, working with actors from all over the world is very interesting.


As for my personal life, since I moved to the US I’m living in California and working in Hollywood. It’s a big difference because right now it’s raining in LA! But seriously, even though when I was living in Iran I had many international projects to work with actors from all over the world, in Hollywood, they have better equipment and facilities which definitely makes it easier.



5. You play many roles in Iranian movies, both female and male. What does an Iranian director look for in an actor when they want to cast them?


The most important thing is finding the right balance between what you’re looking for and what is available. There are times when the director is looking for a specific actor, but you know that they cannot portray your vision because there might be a lack of experience or creativity.


Sometimes you have to wait until the right person becomes available to match with what you’re looking for… It’s all about being patient and believing in yourself!



6. What has been the most memorable moment in your acting career?


When I was twelve years old and my father asked me if I wanted to be an actress, without thinking about it twice I said yes. That’s when my real journey began and everything else seemed like a dream!


7. What advice would you give to an aspiring actor?


Don’t do it if you don’t love it! If you’re just seeking fame or money, then this is not the profession for you. It’s a very hard business to be in but as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities, then everything else will come into place at the right time.



8. How has your life changed since you started acting?


It brought me to a place where I’d never dreamed of. It gave me the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures, people, and languages that I wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for my work as an actress.



9. What’s your favorite TV show? What do you like to do when you’re not acting?


Farah Karimaee my favorite TV show is “Game of Thrones” because it’s about dragons, magic and sword fights! I also love watching reality shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” And when I’m not working or watching TV then I am probably on Facebook or Twitter where all my friends and family keep me connected.



10. Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?


There are so many talented actors and actresses in Hollywood, but recently I’ve been watching some movies with Michael Fassbender and he is definitely my favorite actor at the moment! Also, Christian Bale did amazing work in “The Fighter” and “The Big Short”.



11. What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?


I’ve worked on many Iranian TV series that will be coming out this year, but there is not much I can reveal right now because they haven’t been released yet. The movie called “Motorsport” which is shot in Austin, Texas, and tells the story of international race car drivers will be released sometime this year.



12. What’s your favorite thing about living in California?


The weather and the ocean! I also like to go hiking and there are many places I like to visit around LA.



13. What can we look forward to seeing you do in the future?


You will see me in many more movies and TV series coming out this year because I’m working very hard and taking every project as a challenge. I love to keep challenging myself and work with really talented directors who are also willing to take risks.



14. Do you have any advice for young actors and actresses in the Iranian community?


If you’re an actor or actress in Iran, then it means that you want to work in Iran, which is great! But know that Hollywood is a much bigger industry with much more opportunities and not specifically meant for Iranians… I’m saying this because I believe that Iranians can do something bigger and better than just work in Iran.

I want to see Iranian actors and actresses create a name for themselves in Hollywood! Actors like Reza Rahadian won an award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival last year and became so successful after his role as Pros in Fast & Furious 6.


For the young actors and actresses out there, I would like to say: don’t be afraid and never give up on your dreams! If you believe in yourself and your capabilities, then one-day things will start falling into place. Just keep working at it and believe you can do this! Trust me when I say that if you want it then it’s possible! I know it’s hard to live in Iran and act because the industry just isn’t that big, but keep working at it! The more you work, the better you’ll get.

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